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Time to escape from Tumblr. One of my biggest notps is being reblogged without tags.

And when I say “notp” I don’t mean “that pairing I really don’t like, but which I still accept exists as a sad fact of the world”, I mean “kill it with fire and let me believe it was only a nightmare”.

Wait, I don’t think it’s “one of my biggest notps”, I think it’s like the supreme notp. The notp to which all other notps are measured. The NOTP MÁXIMA SUPREMA (capital letters are mandatory).




when u start talking 2 new teenage boy & the first thing he asks you is ‘biggest fantasy?’


i just started laughing really hard because that gif was intended to be a reaction but i just realized it is also my answer to the question


an ancient adventure time proverb (via finnandcake)


this is the gayest show ever and i love it

Waitwaitwaitwait I just realized… Trashcan Ghost managed to keep the necklace safe for a whole week? Male Lead left the necklace (which he should have delivered personally, seriously, how dumb can he get?) hanging from the bench in the middle of the mall and charged Trashcan Ghost with the duty of taking care of it, and it took Female Lead a whole week to find it and no one took it?

Is Korea that safe or is that just the magic of TV? Because here in Chile, the necklace would have disappeared in less than an hour, no matter what the ghost did.

"In that case, when I die, I’ll return as a ghost and I’ll go see her then."

That’s foreshadowing, isn’t it? The damn idiot is actually going to die. I was right, wasn’t I? The idiot’s going to die and then he’ll probably go blind or amnesiac or remember his lost twin Ricardo Armando Suárez who died when the drug dealers decided they wanted their money back.

Wait, he’s not actually getting married?

Mr. Driver, can you please be more clear? (Also, can you please be more firm when you suggest to Male Lead that he should go and tell Female Lead that he’s not getting married? Maybe you should mention again that he made her sad.)

Poor Mysterious Security Guard’s trying to deal with the fact that Female Lead likes Male Lead.

He looks so sad.

Seriously, he gets more like a puppy every damn episode and my need to hug him gets stronger. I’m adopting him even if he’s probably like ten years older. I’m adopting him and giving him cookies.