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I’m putting SAO on hold until I can find decent subtitles. I’ll continue with “Mekakucity Actors”.

harlandman said: How far are you into the show?

One episode. I downloaded the first one on a whim as I suffered through SAO’s second one.


don’t worry, we’re professionals.


don’t worry, we’re professionals.


Mirai : “Are you jealous of my power?”

Sakura : “I… no.”

Mirai : “Yui also mentioned she was jealous of you.”

Sakura : “My sister said that?”

Mirai : “So please continue to be yourself, sakura.”

harlandman said: Oh i loved that anime. I want to read what you think of it.

Until now I really like how it looks, and the plot seems promising (even if I don’t understand what it is). I still don’t love anyone enough to deserve much liveblogging, nor do I think anything is dumb enough to be talked about.

That’s a pretty good start, specially when you consider how much I liked “Kuroko no Basket” despite being bored out of my mind by the first two episodes.

Edit: it’s your fault I’m watching it. I remembered you loved it and thought, “Well, he did tell to see ‘Gatchaman Crowds’…”.

I have no idea what I just saw or if I like it, but I most definitely don’t dislike it.




harlandman said: Noooooooooooo!! Head back while you can, you don’t need to see the full horror of SAO

Is it horrible because it sucks, because it’ll break my heart, or because it’s a mindfuck?

The first one, ALL THE WAY, but well…
Oh if i were to tell you what happens in the second half of the show if i were to, but alas that can’t be, happy livebloggin! By the way i’m relieved that you don’t love this show, so many people have been enthalled by it, i sometimes fear that i’m the only sane not-SAO lover, or maybe the only insane one….

I’m torn between dropping the series and continuing it just to see what happens. The problem is that it’s not even one of those things that are completely dumb but that’s what makes them enjoyable (like that k-drama I watched that time), it’s just dumb. It takes itself too seriously but fails to deliver enough intentional comedy, charm, and love for cheesy things to make it worth taking it seriously. If this thing admitted it’s kind of silly and just ran with it, it’d work so well.

I was so ready to love this show, and it’s been such a disappointment. I keep hoping it’ll get good (or acceptable) at some point.