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i feel like i’d enjoy being an assassin if it didn’t involve killing people

what if instead of killing people you got hired to just ruin their day.  like the mafia or someone paid you to park behind someone’s car so they can’t back out of a spot when they’re in a rush in the morning and you make them late for work.

i would enjoy that immensely

there is a long list of people that i would gladly do that to without payment

"supporting" trans children by misgendering them




It’s really fucking funny to me because after the first him her mom corrected herself and then continued on with calling her daughter “her”
This is fukh8 who is quoting wrong and actually changing the quote to make sure you know this girl was assigned male at birth
It’s not the mom who fukh8 was quoting.


nothing is scarier than armin fans they are truly like mother bears


do you ever wonder how a character is doing after a series is over

Yes, but then I remember the Harry Potter epilogue and I think I can live with the uncertainty.

harlandman said: the only thing i remember from that first episode is that she had the worst friends ever

I don’t know why I’m surprised you saw at least one episode.

Her friends probably have a place secured in Hell already.

Love Interest is starting to prepare his campaign for the screwdriver.

Punch him in the face, Futaba. Maybe he’ll stop being mean if you do.

(I’m rooting for you, girl!)


Futaba, you need new friends ASAP.

Whatever, you’ll probably end up befriending Extremely Cute Girl.

Futaba, you need new friends ASAP.

No, seriously. They got me to ship it in the first 3 minutes, that’s a record for a shoujo.